Joining RIGHT

To be part of the RIGHT Programme, the events and other opportunities related to it, you need to register as a RIGHT member with ODBE.

The good news is that if your school has a service level agreement (SLA) with ODBE or is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust (ODST), then as chair you’re already eligible to be part of everything within the RIGHT Programme – at no extra cost. Just contact ODBE using the details below to register for RIGHT free of charge.

By being part of the Programme, you get one of the limited-edition RIGHT Programme card sets, access to the members-only area of the web site and invitations to all of the RIGHT events and other opportunities.

The costs of the Programme have been heavily subsided by the Bayne Benefaction, a diocesan trust which supports the work of Church schools.

Even if your school is not part of the ODBE SLA programme or is not a member of ODST, you can still sign up to join the RIGHT Programme – either by becoming part of the SLA programme, or by signing up only for the RIGHT Programme, for a small cost.

In any case, all you need to do is email [email protected] or call 01865 208242 and the ODBE team will talk you through how to register.