Welcome to the Right Programme Oxford website

There are many resources available in the education market which claim to help governors be better governors. There are also some which are aimed at developing chairs of governors. There are even a few which target Church schools.

There aren’t any which do all three.

Until now.

The RIGHT Programme is an innovative approach to doing governor business in Church schools.

Firstly, it doesn’t really focus on what to do. Instead, it considers how and why to govern Church schools effectively, valuing aspects like ‘emphasis’ and ‘team’ alongside more common ones, like ‘data’.

Secondly, it’s been written by someone who’s been there and done it. RIGHT Programme author, Mark Craig, has led some of the most innovative and challenging schools governance initiatives, including developing and implementing the country’s first ‘mixed MAT’, which includes Church schools alongside community schools.

The RIGHT Programme also has the active support of key individuals, including the Rt Revd Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham. Bishop Alan is known for his deep and innovative thinking about Church schools in his role as Chair of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education, and he features in the first RIGHT Programme video here.

This ‘open’ section of the web site gives you a flavour of what the Programme is about. For more (and to access the members area, which is where the really valuable content is!), you need to become a RIGHT member, through the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education.

You can find out more about the full benefits of joining the RIGHT Programme here.

Welcome to the RIGHT Programme.